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No. 1The Midjourney for Create an image

DreamShaper_v5_gorgeous_woman_peaceful_innocent_tranquil_long_1 (2)
DreamShaper_v5_gorgeous_woman_peaceful_innocent_tranquil_long_0 (2)
DreamShaper_v5_gorgeous_woman_peaceful_innocent_tranquil_long_2 (1)

What platforms can Create and interact with talking avatars using Generative AI?


Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence program and service created and hosted by San Francisco-based independent research lab Midjourney, Inc. Midjourney generates images from natural language descriptions, called “prompts”, similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion.

How to Midjourney Prompt

Blacklight Painting
Cross Stitch

List of Aesthetics

Abstract Tech cat

Leonardo ai

Leonardo AI is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate art. It combines the creativity of human artists with the power of AI to produce unique and impressive artworks. Leonardo AI’s art generator can create a wide range of styles and types of art, from paintings to digital illustrations.


Runway AI is a platform that offers creative tools and software for artists, designers, and developers. It provides a range of applications and models for tasks such as image and video generation, machine learning, 3D modeling, and more.

ms-bing creater

Image Creator helps you generate AI images with DALL-E right from the sidebar in Microsoft Edge. Given a text prompt, our AI will generate a set of images matching that prompt.

seaart ai

SeaArt is a highly efficient and user-friendly AI painting tool that lets you effortlessly produce numerous high-quality images without requiring professional skills, suitable for various scenarios. SeaArt offers a powerful rendering engine, rich model library, and professional-grade features that make it easy to create exceptional works.

watercolor painting of a gorgeous Fairy Queen, some drips,



fire dragon that emerged from the lava floor on the ground.

Fantasy Art



cyberpunk art



Fantasy Map

tabletop map

frozen icy evil demon with icicles

devil art


A tropical twist on a classic seafood salad

Thai food


multi legged warrior droids with futuristic weapons, on the battlefield

Robot art


eco friendly mockup for a phone



street art mural on a concrete wall, depicting a futuristic city with sleek buildings, flying cars

Street Art


plate of delicious food

food and drink


ligne claire, black stork, woodland, puddles of water,







Fashion Design

a beautifulblonde women portrait

Paper Craft

Paper cut
Intricate details Macro still life Macro portraits Close-up

camera lenses and filters

Neutral Density Filters


Isometric Designs
the Style of Blade Runner

Dystopian Apocalypse

movies, books, games
Gollum with Glacial Appearance

Movie Scenes



Replace the parentheses [ ] with the name of the actor.
female figure made up of galaxies


A digital art print of a single white magnolia


in the shape of a rabbit

Animals art

art painting

Car Design

3d render

Special Art

Existing Game Styles

casterly rock,grand castle on top of plateau
nature with Glacial Appearance

isometric art

Standard Isometrics

dreams art

casting celestial aura
snowy mountain view from the top of the mountain

Nature and Landscapes

Nature and landscapes art is a genre of visual art that primarily focuses on depicting natural scenery and the environment. Artists in this genre aim to capture the beauty, serenity, and majesty of the natural world. Here’s some information about nature and landscapes art.


Futuristic Cites

Futuristic Cities art is a genre of visual art that envisions and depicts urban landscapes, cityscapes, and architectural designs set in the future. Artists in this genre use their creativity to imagine what cities might look like in an advanced, technologically advanced, or speculative future.  

two ladies stand together in blue and purple, in the style of cyril rolando, futurist mechanical precision, dark gold and cyan

Abstract and Surreal Art

 Abstract and Surreal Art for Ai with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) can result in incredibly imaginative and visually striking compositions. AI can help artists experiment with unconventional ideas and techniques, making it a valuable tool for creating abstract and surreal artwork. Here’s a guide on how to create abstract and surreal art with Ai

An arresting and chilling image of a Christian priest beset by evil spirits and ghostly apparitions in an abandoned church, his face wrought with emotion, rendered in intricate detail and ultra-high definition.


Creating Halloween art with AI can be a fun and creative project. There are several ways you can use AI to assist or generate Halloween-themed art:

a beautiful witch standingwith Fullmetal alchemist magic circle


AI (Artificial Intelligence) can generate sci-fi art through a process known as generative art. Generative art involves using AI algorithms, particularly deep neural networks, to create or generate images, often based on patterns, styles, or concepts learned from existing data. Here’s how AI can generate sci-fi art:


Man Portrait

Creating a portrait of a man using AI involves using various AI-based tools and techniques, primarily in the field of computer vision and image generation. Here are the general steps you can follow to create a man portrait art with AI:

Details 1girl, she was wearing a revealing red dress

Woman Portrait

Woman Portrait with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) can result in stunning and lifelike digital artwork. AI tools can help artists with various aspects of portrait creation, from generating realistic facial features to adding artistic touches.